Special Guest Seminars

CNXFF Muay Thai Holds Special Guest seminars throughout the year. These seminars are often led by World Champion Fighters or Kru’s who have trained world champions. The seminars are often for fighter level students and will have a specific area of focus.

Free Beginner Seminars

CNXFF Muay Thai understands that it can be intimidating to come to a Muay Thai gym as a beginner with little to no experience. To help facilitate a beginner friendly environment and welcome new comers to our gym, CNXFF Muay Thai offers a Free Beginner Basics seminar once a quarter.

special Events

Once every other month, CNXFF Muay Thai gives a free, all woman lead, training session to the woman of the Daughters Rising Mission. The Daughters Rising Mission empowers at-risk girls through education to end trafficking and exploitation in their communities and break the cycle of inter-generational poverty

Visit their website to find out how you can help the Daughters Rising Mission: