kru mike

Head Trainer / Fighter
Our head trainer Mike is passionate about the art of Muay Thai. He believes that there is more to the art of Muay Thai then just the techniques. Each technique comes with an explanation of how and when to properly apply the technique in the ring. His training style allows for the student to ask questions so they can understand that which he is trying to teach. Kru Mike also loves to have fun while he trains and promotes a fun friendly atmosphere in his classes, but without losing the intensity necessary to create strong fighters.

kru fah

Co-Head Trainer/Active Fighter
Kru Fah has been training and fighting Muay Thai since she was 9 years old and is a multiple Muay Thai world champion with 100+ fights. As Co-Head trainer She shares leadership of the classes. Kru Fah fights Muay Khao style and teaches our students how to blend Muay Khao into their own personal style. She also keeps the atmosphere light and fun in the gym while pushing the students to train at their peak.

Kru Tong

Assistant Trainer/Active Fighter
Kru Tong has been training martial arts since he was 9 years old and has been fighting since he was 15. Kru Tong has a background in Taekwondo and incorporates that in his Muay Thai fighting style. He is an active Muay Thai/MMA fighter and regularly competes in Brazilian JiuJitsu tournaments. Kru Tong trains with a friendly smile and is always around to make sure new students are taken care of.

kru ton

Assistant Trainer/Active Fighter
Kru Ton has been training and fighting Muay Thai since he was 14 years old and has 50+ fights. He brings a very high and fun energy to the evening classes. Known for his killer pad sessions, Kru Ton will focus his padwork training on reaction and timing. He excels in clinchwork and pushes the fighter level class to improve their clinch with long clinch sessions. Kru Ton is always around the gym smiling and joking with the members all the while training and improving their skill and energy levels.

fight team